We help you speak regulator.

Regulation is a language. From tracking global data standards to SPL & XML conversion to shifting interpretation and guidance – Intagras helps you make sense of it all with expert regulatory tracking & submission solutions.

A clearer way to manage regulatory & safety data.

Compliance isn’t a straight line, it’s a maze. Intagras gives you the team to see what lies ahead and the tools to navigate like an expert. We’re not just a platform – we’re a partner that helps you find the clearest path to an approved submission.

Tracking Portal.

Safety & compliance tracking that keeps you in control.

Tracking Portal is a standalone precision monitoring tool for tracking global safety and compliance data. Imagine how much faster your regulatory and compliance teams could move if they had 100% visibility into every change for every product in every country. That’s Tracking Portal.

SPL Portal.

The SPL/SPM platform that makes (labeling) life easier.

Most structured product labeling tools fail miserably when it comes to usability, making submissions a slog. SPL Portal changes all that with automated Word-XML markup that converts your label content into accurate, error-free metadata – as you enter it.

An on-demand regulatory team that knows your products.

Pharmacovigilance is a big, confusing job. Every group has gaps. Whether you’re in regulatory, labeling, reporting or registration – our expert outsourcing services provide the extra bandwidth to pick up wherever you leave off.

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